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Lazy Bees just  love to soar and glide. People are often surprised by this, but in fact,  Lazy Bees have a very low sink rate and good glide ratio. Converting a Lazy Bee into a glider is a natural next step.    All Lazy Bees inherently glide well. Our new Lazy Bee Glider, with its streamlined nose, glides even better. It's very well-suited for slope-soaring but can also be used for thermal gliding.  The kit is a Lazy Bee kit plus all the extra parts and plans and instructions so that it can be made into a Lazy Bee Glider. It still has Original Lazy Bee wing options. I recommend building the 40" wing for slope soaring/windy conditions, and the 48" wing for thermal gliding/calm conditions.  Click on the Store link at the top of the page to order your Lazy bee Glider Kit.

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Just In:
Lazy Bee Specials! 

For those who are new to Andy Clancy Designs, a Lazy Bee "Special" is a Lazy Bee with specially-designed aileron wings. This opens you up to doing more advanced maneuvers--snap rolls, axial rolls, slow rolls, knife edge, steep side slip landing approaches, and so on. It uses the exact same fuselage as an Original Lazy Bee. In fact, if you have an Original Bee, you can turn it into a Special by building an Aileron Wing Subkit. (It's easy to swap the wings to suit your moods or the flying conditions.) It should be noted: the Special's wing is a completely different wing design from the Original Lazy Bee wing, which is not advantageous to adding ailerons.

If you're a four-channel flyer, the Lazy Bee Special is for you!

Your Lazy Bee Special kit can be built with either a 40" ("Standard") or 50" ("Extended") wing. Standard is usually best for most people, also best for flying in windy conditions. It has the fastest roll rate of the two wings. The Extended wing is best for more docile flight. It glides better than the Standard wing. It will do tighter circles and
loops because it has a lower wing loading.

News: Float Kits are NOW AVAILABLE! 

Top five reasons to get Lazy Bee Floats:

1)They work fantastically well with so many of your Bees! The Original Lazy Bees (40 and 48"), Lazy Bee Specials (40" and 50" wing), and the Speedy Bee (if you are lucky enough to have one *).

2) All year round fun: float in the summer, ski in the winter!

3) If you have never tried float flying before, we promise you that this is the funnest way to get started.

4) Easy Peazy Bee-zy to build.

5) Quick and simple on-and-off. Switch between floats and wheels on the spot!


Everyone's been talking about the you-tubers that show Lazy Bees converted into gliders. If you've seen 'em,  doesn't it just make you wanna go slope-soaring or thermal gliding?  We know!  We've got you covered with our new Lazy Bee GLIDER.

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News UPDATE:  SPEEDY BEES are right around the corner! We are ALMOST there. 



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