New and available NOW from Andy Clancy Designs:

2021 Speedy Bee Kit  

Meet the 2021 Speedy Bee! It's the same mid-wing sport Bee, just updated and lovingly LASER CUT by Andy from the highest quality wood. Every part possible is laser cut, and you will find that the parts fit together perfectly. The wood is evenly matched on both sides and has been selected for the job it will do in the plane.

This 40" wing, four channel sport plane is still very much a Bee. You know: Oversized control surfaces, hands-off stability, very low minimum flying speed, easy aerobatics. The Speedy Bee is just a Bee that's a little speedier. It can handle having more power than a Lazy Bee. It's also a speedier building job.

Like the Lazy Bee, it can be built for gas or electric power. Its dashing looks are inspired by racing planes of the 1920's and 30's.


Everyone's been talking about the you-tubers that show Lazy Bees converted into gliders. If you've seen 'em,  doesn't it just make you wanna go slope-soaring or thermal gliding?  We know!  We've got you covered with our new Lazy Bee GLIDER.

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