The Foamy Bee is a mini Lazy Bee made of laser cut Depron sheet foam. It flies just like an Original Lazy Bee … only MORE SO. It's even more maneuverable and can fly in even smaller spaces! This is the result of packing the Original Lazy Bee's low wing loading and oversized control surfaces into a 28-½" wingspan plane with a flying weight of about 6-½ ounces. Of course, the Foamie Bee is extremely fun to fly, and it's ridiculously durable. Also,the Foamie Bee kit is simple and quick to build. It comes with detailed plans and instructions. You will love the way the Foamie Bee's self-aligning, interlocking parts fit together perfectly. I am only making one batch of these kits (my sheet Depron supply has been discontinued), so don't wait to get yours.

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