Hey everyone: The Yard Bee is BACK! In case you are new to our Bees, the Yard Bee was one of our most successful designs as Clancy Aviation. It has all the flying characteristics of a Lazy Bee (highly maneuverable, slow flying) and then some! Flyable in very small places, even more durable, and an easy build. There are no sticks or uncut sheet balsa in this kit, It's all laser cut interlocking parts so it goes together fast! Of course every wood part is laser cut by me, Andy Clancy. It's (frankly) an even better quality kit than it was originally. It can be powered by gas engines from as little as .010 up to .10 size or the equivalent in electric power. It has a 29" span--270 sq inches of wing area-- and weighs from 6 to 12 oz. Just like its big brother the Lazy Bee, the secret to the Yard Bee's success is a very low wing loading, and oversized control surfaces. It's a uniquely fun and easygoing plane to fly. You can get yours now.