Lazy Bee NEWS!

****Shipping Announcement****
3/27/2020 Our general policy is to ship within one business day of receiving your order. However, this week we are only shipping three times per week. This may extend into next week as well.  
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Welcome to Lazy Bee Central! We are coming back onto the scene with some of the old favorites, some new designs that belong in the Bee Hive, and something new: scale planes! You will be amazed!

One thing at a time, though. We appreciate your continued patience. Now that we have a wood supply and everything is finally happening, we are figuring out the best way to do some things just by doing them. Things such as packaging the kits, for example, or setting up the online store for this website, haven't worked out the way we planned before the wood came (when we had lots of free time). So we hope you will stick with us as we get up and running. The good news is that we have taken our first step!

Step one: We are now selling our first batch of Lazy Bee Original Kits
. "Original" means the wing without ailerons. These kits are priced at $99 plus shipping --we are using Priority Mail-- which is higher than we had hoped. Wood prices are high these days.  

At the online store, you are now able to check out using a credit/debit card, as well as Paypal.  We also accept phone orders.  You are welcome to call Andy at (480) 498 0239. We're in the Arizona time zone, but we start early, so you can call between 6 am to 6 pm AZ time.  

Anyway, the 2020 Original Lazy Bee Kit is still the same Lazy Bee, but the kit is a bit improved. The plans have been redrawn with a few modest updates. The parts are laser cut. The kit still comes with the classic To Build A Bee instruction book, but a supplement has been added.

One important difference: In the old days, when you ordered an Original-wing Lazy Bee, you had to specify whether you wanted the wing to be 40" (regular) or 48" (extended). Not anymore. All Original kits have the capability to be built as a regular OR an extended wing Lazy Bee.

If you want to build BOTH wings (and why not? the Lazy Bee is so modular, it's easy to swap the wings out while you're at the flying field), you'll just need the wood. We will have wing only subkits available very soon if you want a dual-wing Lazy Bee Kit.
We are also selling Trexler Wheels, Trexler Pumps, and #19 Rubber Bands. Right now we only have the size 9 wheels (the classic Lazy Bee size) but other sizes will be available soon.

Step Two is gonna be the Lazy Bee Special! That's the aileron version of the Lazy Bee, the Lazy Bee Special. It looks like the Lazy Bee Special will cost $109 plus shipping. You will have to choose either the Regular 40" wing  or the Extended  50" Wing for your kit.  The price for the Lazy Bee Special with Extended Wing is planned to be $114 plus shipping.   Both Lazy Bee Special wings will be sold separately as subkits. Regular Wing is planned to be $54 plus shipping, Extended Wing $59 plus shipping.

Also in Step Two: Lazy Bee tail wheels for a complete Lazy Bee Wheel Set. Unfortunately, Trexler no longer makes the extra-thick size #1 wheels needed for the Lazy Bee tail wheel. The standard size 1 Trexler Wheel is meant for small, rubber-powered airplanes. Andy Clancy Designs is working to bring you a suitable tail wheel to use with size 9 Trexlers.

And last but certainly not least in Step Two: Lazy Bee Float Kits! Yee-haw!

Step Three Big Bees and Speedy Bees. Also, we are planning to carry covering, as well as hardware kits. We are here to help make your plane the best it can Bee!

Step Four
  New kit designs!!!!

We're still in Step One right now... but we're making progress every single day!