Welcome to Lazy Bee Central!  We are coming back onto the scene with some of the old favorites,  some new designs that belong in the Bee Hive, and something new: scale planes!  You will be amazed!

However, we are just getting started here. We are setting up the Andy Clancy Designs design and manufacturing facility. Like the Lazy Bee, it's small but versatile.  We expect to be able to accept and fulfill orders by mid-October.   Please check back for updates. We thank you for your patience!

We also will be carrying some of the accessories that are needed for our models. For example, it's hard to picture a classic Lazy Bee without balloon wheels. So, yes, we have Trexlers.

We are planning to carry covering, as well as hardware kits. We are here to help make your plane the best it can Bee!

In the mean time, take a look at our gallery. It's got a few Bee pics for your enjoyment. (Please note: many of these are are from our collection from customers from over the years. If you happen to recognize your Bee and would like to be credited, please contact us). We'll be adding our catalog in the coming weeks, so you can do some browsing. We hope to be adding a few articles, too!